Home Bathrooms Master ensuite reveals – The Block Australia 2020

Master ensuite reveals – The Block Australia 2020

Previously the master bedroom challenge revealed 5 very impressive rooms and the ensuite bathrooms adjoining this space we’re no exception for the judges.

Luke & Jasmin – 1910’s  (TIED WINNERS)
Cash spent: $24 500
Score: 29
Luke and Jasmin pushed the design elements hard this week including The Blocks first ever curved wall adorned with kit-kat tiles and the judges loved it.  Features included an expensive stone bathtub, fluted glass screens, brass tapware and arch mirrors all wonderful accents from the era.
Jimmy & Tam – 1950’s (TIED WINNERS)
Cash spent: $18 950
Score: 29 (with bonus point)
From being last in the master bedroom challenge the previous week they have moved to equal first by pulling out all stops. The kicker last week was their unusual layout choice where you had to walk through the bathroom to get to the walk in robe- a practical disaster in the planning which they tried to correct. The statement pink tiles and sinks we’re impactful and luxurious,  and there was great styling between the bedroom and ensuite creating q cohesive look.


Harry and Tash – 1920’s
Cash spent: $28 450
Score: 28 ½
The judges all loved the use of the beautiful green tiles and felt they we’re the perfect compliment to their guest ensuite.  Harry and Tash used three key tiles dark green, a terrazzo and white.  They really nailed the elements of the 1920’s this week. From the judges perspective the bath was an impressive feature with Scotty saying “It could not be more appropriate for the era,”  Harry and Tash had the winning master bedroom and this was a great match to that standard of design and flair.


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