Home Bedrooms Master bedroom reveals…The Block Australia 2020

Master bedroom reveals…The Block Australia 2020

The Block master bedrooms revealed all the glam and luxe you would expect with a period house…

Week 3 …each of the 5 teams worked hard on the creativity and sophistication needed in a master room as it is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the house.  To win this weeks contest each team needed to balance revealing elements of the character and period of each home whilst maintaining a contemporary design which will appeal to buyers on auction day. The budget was $19,000 for each team.

In the judges final decision there was not much between a number of the teams.   Harry and Tash, the father and daughter duo with their 1920’s house were crowned winners of this project.  Their statement peacock feature wall, contrasting cobalt tufted bed, light filled vaulted ceilings and luxurious dressing room revealed a stunning master bedroom.  “I love that wallpaper, it’s gorgeous, “Shaynna said.  There is a huge trend on The Block this year for incredibly designed wallpaper, courtesy of Grafico.

Watch the rooms revealed to judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer and the final judges scores (below).


Harry and Tash Master Bedroom & WIR – 1920’s period home
Score 25 ½ / 30        Spent: $20,183.91        First Place

Daniel and Jade Master Bedroom & WIR – 1930’s period home
Score 25 / 30     Spent: $21,801.59      Equal second place

Luke and Jasmin Master Bedroom & WIR –  1910’s period home
Score 25 / 30     Spent: $20,218.90     Equal second place

Sarah and George Master Bedroom & WIR  – 1940’s period home
Score 23 /30    Spent: $24,997.29     Third Place


Jimmy and Tam Master Bedroom & WIR  – 1950’s period home
Score 21 ½ / 30     Spent: $32,708.09   Fourth place

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