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Guest ensuite. The Block Australia 2020

Week 2 of The Block Australia was focused on the guest ensuite, a follow-on from the previous weeks guest room project. All teams we’re tasked with making sure both spaces worked in harmony and fitted the era of their home.

Five period homes from the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, all in need of some serious renovation have been transported to a block of land in the heart of sunny and affluent Brighton in Melbourne.  The setting is a huge block of land running along the prestigious foreshore of Port Philip Bay, Melbourne. They are within walking distance of the beach and minutes from the world- famous Brighton Beach Boxes…

The budget for the guest ensuite was $22k per team.  The winners again this week were Jimmy and Tam with their 1950’s period home and design flair.

Jimmy and Tam Guest Ensuite
Score 28.5 / 30
Spent: $15,700
First Place

Stand out features for this bathroom include the square turquoise tiles, terrazzo table from Fenton & Fenton which perfectly matched the flooring, Venice wall hung vanity from Reece, colourful Teal box sink by Nood Co and the Mille Pure brass hardware range from Reece.  The judges thought this was a stunning bathroom and bang on the 1950’s design and style…so all high praise for this team.  They simply loved the fact you entered secretly through a wardrobe door and we’re genuinely excited by what they saw.  Darren said “It reminds me of a public pool change room, with that sort of retro yesteryear, childhood charm,”“But it’s not so youthful that it’s not going to alienate the market.” Neale said “I can’t remember walking into a bathroom that hasn’t put such a smile on my face, and God knows that is not easy to do, but this bathroom has done it,” With comments like that it’s easy to understand why Jimmy and Tam came out on top of this challenge!

Sarah and George Guest Ensuite
Score 27 / 30
Spent: $20,000
Second place

This duo impressed the judges with a more luxurious bathroom of soft blush tones and it certainly had their approval for referencing the 1940’s period.   “This luxury in here in front of the house is off the charts,” Judge Shaynna said.  As far as the design was concerned their well considered layout was a success especially the clever use of the nib shower wall to separate the toilet.  “They have kept it simple and they are just allowing the sheer scale of the bathroom to speak for itself.” one judge said.  Standout features included a stylish Issy blossom vanity from Reece, dual Alape unisono bi-colour basins from Reece,  blush pink subway tiles and the posh Canterbury range of matt black taps, mixers and handles all from Reece.

Luke and Jasmin Guest Ensuite
Score 25.5 / 30
Spent: $25,300
Third place

So far both Luke and Jasmin have found it difficult to fulfill the brief of  the 1910’s design style which comes with house number 4.  Hopefully something they can clarify, research and pull together more cohesive looks as the show progresses.  From the judges perspective they did really well with the guest ensuite project creating a good mix of modern and old. “This is exactly what I wanted to see,” Judge Shaynna said.

“This really gets the 1910’s brief meshed with a very contemporary feel,” Darren said. Shaynna loved the choice of tiles from Beaumont Tiles along with the white VJ panelling – all stand out features including the wall sconces from Beacon lighting and the fluted shower screen.


Daniel and Jade Guest Ensuite
Score 23 / 30
Spent: $24,900
Fourth place

Daniel and Jade have the task of the 1930’s era for the design influence and started the guest bedroom project strongly but the judges this week felt they missed the mark a little, instead delivering a more modern bathroom, one judge going so far to say …“They have just given us a generic, contemporary bathroom.”  A stand out feature was the Issy Blossom art deco styled mirror cabinet from Reece.

Harry and Tash Guest Ensuite
Score 21.5 / 30
Spent: $18,600
Fifth place

For Harry and Tash they had the smallest bathroom space to consider.  The eclectic choice of tiles was we’re they stumbled to gain the judges votes. Too much colour and pattern and the judges strongly disliked the floor tile. “These are not 1920s,” Shayanna said.  They would have preferred to see a terrazzo tile for this era and there we’re one too many feature tiles.

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