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The world of colour is an exciting one! It creates style, livens up your home and can add your personality to a project.  Keeping up with colour trends are important too if you want to keep your home or project looking modern and in keeping with today’s look.The colour selection process can also be a daunting part of any project as there are so many colour choices out their with millions of hues, shades and tones and not to mention what colours pair well together.  My partner and I faced this challenge when designing and building our dream home, so many decisions… interiors, exterior, bench tops, cabinetry, flooring the list goes on! Check out my colours page for top tips to help you with your colour selection process during your project.


Building a dream home can be one of the most rewarding, exciting and challenging things at the same time.  Having built a home in 2014, I can totally relate to anyone going through this process. Allow time, be patient, gather, reflect and be sharp… Here’s a few things we’ve learnt that you might just find useful. New home build tips


Kitchen’s are the heart and soul of any home and if you’re a foodie or love to entertain you’re going to need a design that works!  Make a list of three things you want to stretch for and the opposing nice to haves! If you start blowing out on budget then you already have a carefully considered list on what to cut back on.  For more tips on designing your kitchen click here


If you’re redesigning your bathroom or building one as part of a new home, here are some my top ten handy tips to help you with the design process, product and colour choice.