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2022 Colours

The colours and design in our homes are a true reflection of us!  What better time whilst many of us are still dealing with a turbulent year and more time at home… is the opportunity to look at upcoming colour trends and gather some inspiration for a few vibrant changes at home!  It’s a time where simple living makes its mark on colour trends for 2022 and a chance for our own interior decoration and escapism.

2022 colours update…

A varied and eclectic palate of calming, energising and rich colours come in for 2022, creating much excitement for professional home decorators and enthusiasts. From botanical greens, warming red tones, boathouse blues, soft pastels, warm neutrals, buttercream and gold to more vibrant and optimistic tones of orange, yellow, lilac and petal pinks…

Many artists, companies and industries shape the colour trend predictions for the year ahead or more.  This often starts with creators, innovators and product designers at the cutting edge, the fashion runway in London or Paris, Textile and Furniture Fairs in Europe and then you’ll see these trends filter down into retail across fashion and home.  Textile, fashion and paint industries are all researching and inspiring us by looking further and further ahead.

Key interior design trends for 2022 remain from this year including botanical tones, plenty of cottage core – a simple and sustainable way of shabby chic,  organic fibers and materials , bold coloured living rooms, dramatic patterned walls and fabrics, plenty of orange with its psychological reference to happiness and uplifting your mood, retro nostalgia- rounded and circular shapes in furniture and accessories and finally ensuring our design allows for highly functional spaces.

Pantones fashion trend forecast for 2022 features 10 standout colours showcased recently at London Fashion week Spring/ Summer 2022 collection, and will help you add some bold style and colour into your home.

London Fashion Week – Top 10 colours:

London Fashion Week  – Classic five colours:

The Dulux Colour forecast for 2022 was released recently in September. This is all about 3 colour palates inspired by our natural surroundings themed flourish, restore and wonder, and have evolved from the pandemic thrown upon us providing us with a sense of optimism and individuality within interior decoration.

Design Your Home NZ Colour trend 2022 Dulux 2022 Colour forecast 2022

The Flourish palette speaks to our newfound sense of adventure and passion for life. It features rich, sensual hues alongside warm neutrals and pops of gold.

Design Your Home NZ Colour trend 2022 Dulux 2022 Colour forecast 2022

The Restore palette consists of gentle, earth-based neutrals alongside more rugged, natural tones. These colours recede and do not demand attention, instead they allow us the space to step back and soothe our senses.


Design Your Home NZ Colour trend 2022 Dulux 2022 Colour forecast 2022

The Wonder palette reflects our desire to be less serious and welcome fun back into our lives. Colours are playful, summery and 80s-inspired. Together they create a dreamy and sentimental feel.

For a copy of Dulux Colour Forecast for 2022 click here to view and save their PDF brochure.