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Colour Trends 2024

Great news for 2024… the colour palate reflects a positive and nuturing vibe which are always two great things within the home! I will certainly be personally embracing this in a big way this year. We’ll see things turn a little bolder! Smatterings of warm colours with a yellow influence, pinks, clay hues, olive green, reddy browns and accents of pale blue and zesty yellow. Neutrals are buttery and blush.

“Color is a language and as such plays an elemental role in personal self-expression,” says Laurie Pressman, from Pantone. The colours tell a story about us, express our personality and can lift the mood in a home.

There’s plenty of colour inspiration to get you uplifting the vibe in your home this year.

Have a think about the places and spaces you can build this years colour palate within.  This could be walls, ceilings, giving side tables a new coat of colour, cushions, throws, objects, paintings, rugs and more!


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