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Interior style rules…

Interior design makes all the difference when it comes to smaller spaces and there are many simple rules you can consider when restyling your space to make this feel bigger. You can also achieve a very functional space and add your personality too!

1. Avoid too much furniture, décor items, and pictures which can overcrowd your room

2. Choose the right colours, this doesn’t mean you have to go white – all light shades , a clever use of deep colour can have a grand effect and add dimension to a small room giving a feeling of space too! If you get it wrong it can feel like the walls are closed in! Avoid lots of clashing tones which will end up feeling busy, opt for a balance of colour when using warming pastels, richer, deep or high contrast colours. Clever use of colour across walls, furniture, cushions and throws create the perfect space!

3. Ensure your curtain length is right…floor to ceiling curtains can make your room feel bigger straight away if you have a glass slider to consider… For windows…If curtains aren’t floor length then they should end at the window sill.

4. A small room doesn’t mean small furniture…that can actually make things worse! You can still opt for a lovely solid sofa, the trick is to not cram in too many big items! A solid armless sofa can work wonders in a small space!

5. Rugs are a great way to bring a room together, add texture and ground the space…just remember get a rug that fits under all the furniture, small rugs can create a small room effect!

6. Don’t overdo the ceiling lights. Lights that hang too low literally cut off the room height, opt for a table lamp, or lamp stand for soft lighting effects! Angle ceiling lights towards the walls rather than your room centre and remember to add dimmers for creating a cosy, welcoming space.

7. Clever storage is key to avoid clutter …ottomans with storage to save on space can be a good idea. If you have storage shelves or storage nooks, make them a point of interest and allow for breathing space rather than filling them with all your beloved items!

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