Home Books Cath Kidston’s new book reveals her beautifully decorated home.

Cath Kidston’s new book reveals her beautifully decorated home.

Cath Kidston – the queen of vintage-inspired homeware and beautifully decorated spaces …. gives us a wonderful insight into her creative process and personal style in her new book “A place called home‘.  She invites us on a tour of her Cotswold manor, sharing stories, decorating tips and inspirational ideas along the way. Filled with inspirational images, expert advice from an industry icon, and stories that reveal a remarkable life in design. This book according to her publisher …will give you the confidence to click your heels and agree that there’s no place like home. Her book can be found at Whitcoulls , Paperplus, The Mighty Ape, The Warehouse RRP $65
She has won over many British hearts(her home nation) with cheerful and joyously patterned prints and now with over 200 stores worldwide her decoration and design style has a huge following internationally.
“With Cath’s expertise and advice you’ll discover how simple tricks make stimulating spaces; from using vintage-inspired prints to transform a quiet corner into a permanent art gallery, to how the right rug can tie a room together and create a cosy, congenial atmosphere. Discussing colour, decor, pattern and passion in her own words, Cath will help make your house a beautiful, practical home.” – Harper Collins NZ
She settled into her 17th century Gloucestershire home and embarked on a journey of renovations and personalising each room with her flair, style, love of colour and patterns to make this her forever home. Her book is divided into four chapters, each of them focusing on the 21 featured spaces in the book, including: Entrance Hall, Sitting Room, Study, Dining Room, Office, Kitchen, Dressing Room, Attic, Greenhouse and Summer House. There are also the whimsically themed rooms such as the Castle Bedroom and Fish Bathroom.

TV room

The Telly room she describes as a real ‘junk shop mix”  with many items she’s collected over the years from car boot sales and charity shops all along with her favourite pictures.  The rug was her starting theme for colour inspiration which led to the cherry red, yellow and blue tones in the room.

Dining room

In the dining room she “enjoyed the puzzle of making use of the things I had, and the chance to move them on a bit and make them look different.”  With vintage jugs and vases alongside old furniture this all makes her home rather homely!

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