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Colourful modern-arty-retro London home…

This week we take a look at the home of Geraldine Tan, the author and creator behind the successful U.K Interiors blog Little Big Bell.  Her colourful style and design flair is very much a modern-arty-retro look, each room bursting with high energy colour and patterns along with mid-century themes, inspirational art and design-led furniture pieces.

The modern-arty-retro design style takes its influence from mid-century all the way through to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and blends this with a very clean contemporary approach to decor and styling.  It’s a fun Interior style as you can cherry pick some of the best elements from this broad period… think clean lines and curved furniture, wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic, geometric patterns, pop art, candy stripes and floral prints!

I’ve put together a handy colour palate from Resene NZ to help inspire you to re-create this look!

Geraldine’s artwork and decor changes often in-tune with the latest colours, textures and patterns.  We’ve shown you two different living room makeovers from her.  From essentially a crisp white base in most rooms the colour and charm in this lovely London home really pops out.  Lets take a quick tour!  All images are copyright Little Big Bell.



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