Home Colours 2020 Home decor trends

2020 Home decor trends

A new decade of home design trends sees a shift away from cooler neutral colours, pale monochromatic rooms, heavy industrial looks, subway tiles, all white kitchens, accent walls, mass produced faux items and rectangular shapes in furniture and lighting.  A fresh new period starts with a move towards more multipurpose spaces that are flexible, functional and eco-centric as we often need a work, exercise, quiet, media and chillout environment. We need a real connection with our space to enjoy it. Home design reflects our mood, attitude and experiences… it also reflects our time period through style, technology and artwork with hints to the past.  A strong design philosophy of 2020 sees us mixing traditional together with modern.

We’re all looking for calm and serenity in our busy lives so it’s important to ensure our ultimate home goal is to soothe despite all trends,  after all it’s our space! Whether you love home design trends or try to mainly avoid them, I’m sure there will be something here for everyone to apply in their home for 2020 and beyond…

  1. Warmer colour palate  – 2020 is moving slightly away from the cooler neutrals and heavy grey on grey monochromatic schemes of the past decade.  Neutrals are softer undertones of white and can be the mainstay of walls and furniture still allowing you to add on trend statement-pieces, art and colour to define your own flair and personality.  A warmer palate of beige, earthy tones, shades of chocolate , saffron, wine, deep blues and botanical greens like eucalyptus now take center stage.  Bolder colour choices are becoming popular for smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundry, media and dining. Classic blue…pantones’ 2020 colour of the year a form of cobalt will add sophistication in the home. Our top picks include Resene Sunbaked, Resene Hive, Resene Merino, Resene Meditation, Resene Waiouru, Resene Indian Ink, Resene Napa, Resene New leaf, Resene Haystack, Resene Family Tree, Resene Havoc.
  2. Vintage maximalism / Grand Millenial’s –  We have come full circle from minimalist, architectural-led, urban or industrial decors with a nod to more traditional elements for statement pieces. Grand millennial’s, a phrase recently coined by House Beautiful U.K explains the use of adding personality and flair through vintage and traditional elements including mid century.  Think generous colour, walls of art, antiques, brocade, fancy curtains, lavish wallpapers, curved furniture pieces, lots of books, natural rugs, wood, jute sitting alongside modern art and edgy furniture. A great balance of combining old and new. According to U.S Interior designer Caroline Pogue, Grand Millenial style is “fueled by a renewed interest in vintage fashion and an ethos for reusing items.”
  3.  Vegetable fibres and texture – a form of refined farmhouse comes back in furniture, artwork, vases and lighting. A rich textural expression through rattan, wicker, jute and hessian…

4. Kitchens – moving away from a past trend of all white, we see a shift to more coloured kitchens and appliances.  Soft pastels, cream, deep blues, earth tones and even bolder colours.  Island cabinets remain popular one or even two for function vs entertaining spaces.  Wood wrapped cabinetry either painted or unpainted along with more multi-coloured benchtops .

5. Biophilic design – elements of nature reflected through colour, materials and plants. Palates of green, botanical imagery, floral wallpapers, natural light and nature inspired fabrics and walls. Materials include wicker, rattan, jute, wood, cork, rope, stone. Inside… olive trees replace 2019’s fiddle leaf fig with a trend towards real plants not faux! Wood elements become slightly darker this year using walnut or mahogany, a change from the lighter woods of recent years.

6. Sustainability and personalisation is influencing design hugely. It might go as far as people choosing to buy from more local and smaller designers, sourcing eco furniture for our home along with adding your bespoke style through customised furnishings within the home. 

7. Multi-functional spaces – a trend to claim back hidden spaces and make the most out of what you have at home.  Multi rooms for office, exercise, media, backyard pods extending living areas, personalised nooks through storage draws and cupboards e.g. at home coffee stations are all being thought about.   


8.  Bathrooms  -Walk in showers continue to be the trend. If you’re renovating a current space ditch the bath for a larger shower space. We’re also seeing more floating double vanities with two basins and freestanding baths adding luxury. The floating height of vanities also makes bathroom spaces appear bigger. Pastel colour accents,wall texture, exotic patterns and natural materials such as wood, jute, rattan become part of the design along with more plant life.  This year seems to be about having a bit of fun in these spaces and creating your own oasis.

9.  Wall to wall drama will create wow factor in smaller rooms like dining rooms, bathrooms and toilets.  Leaf and floral patterns are proving a popular way to go to create the dramatic effect powder room. 

10.  Cosier fabrics  – This year designers and homeowners are thinking more about functionality when it comes to fabrics.  It’s not just about the look as we need fabrics which stand the test of time. We’ll be seeing luxe grand velvet, shear-ling, imperfect leathers, hemp curtains, soft textured mohairs and lets not forget quality bedding.

11.  No more heavy metal – warm metallics like bronze and brass continue to replace the more industrial steel, black and nickel through mirrors, lamps,furniture legs, tapware, handles and lighting. You will also see lighting in silver leaf and antique silver adding the element of mixing old and new!

12.  Namaste– we’ll be seeing more earthy colours, textured silks and wools of India, large sculptures, mosiacs, hand painted tiles, brass lanterns, poufs, woven rugs and throws.

13.  High contrast design –  This is all about using colour blocking with graphic shapes and geometric patterns, grown up versions of terrazzo and we’re moving away from white white white to more dramatic looks e.g statement chairs with black fabric and white wood edges!

14.  Lighting trends  – Lighting is an important artistic, design and architectural element within home spaces. Well considered and personalised lighting can produce striking effects and a greater sense of comfort and well-being. Trends for 2020 include more people purchasing statement designer pieces, eco based materials, geometric shapes, wireless, black, coloured glass, metallic, stone and marble.  To read the full article 2020 Lighting design trends. 

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