Home Colours Lighting: design and trends for 2020.

Lighting: design and trends for 2020.

The lighting industry is evolving constantly with new and modern technology that’s part of lighting up our homes today. We’ve gone from candlelight and old fashioned electric light bulbs to innovative lighting which has WiFi connectivity enabling us to change the colour, strength and timings all via an app on our phone!

Lighting is an important artistic, design and architectural element within home spaces. Well considered and personalised lighting can produce striking effects and a greater sense of comfort and well-being.

Different styles of light are craved throughout the home with dim-able and soothing lights for dining room and restful spaces, through to more architectural and decorative in kitchen, hall, formal lounge and entrance areas, and functional for cupboards, office and outdoor spaces.  LED’s have long been the most popular choice due to the cost savings,  greener energy and automation of lighting systems that become possible.

Lighting trends mirror other home industry sectors with colour and materials used and like any design-led industry there is always an opportunity for drama and artistic form through l’atelier lighting professionals leading the way.  Lighting trends range from eco, urban, artistic, sculptural, architectural, rustic, recycled and industrial, whatever elements you consider beautiful these styles reflect your personality and enhancing the ambiance.

Top trends for 2020 lighting:  Inspiration from emerging lighting designers and events such as Maison Objet Paris, Milan Design Week, NYCxDesign and Euroluce lighting design fair…

  1. Statement pieces from lighting designers – Just like buying a piece of art, a one off artistic collection from world leading or local lighting designers ensures home lighting looks good when its both on and off!  On the worldwide stage l’atelier design leaders include Omber Arbel, Lindsey Adelman, David Weeks, Jason Miller, Brendan Keim, Karl Zahn, Alex Snook, In-es art design Rome, Mary Wallis, Gant lighting, John Moncrieff, Sebastian Herkner, Pluman , and some of these works are available in New Zealand through the likes of ECC lighting, The clever design store and Matisse.  Local lighting designers who have made a mark in NZ include David Trubridge, James Russ, Tim Webber, Ron Crummer, KAMP.Studio,  Minnow and Firefly light design.
  2. Eco – woven and natural elements combining wood, textile fringe, recycled and rustic elements. Materials reflecting nature along with plants featured as part of lighting design.
  3. Geometric and essential shapes – a range of shapes that can adapt to any space and stand the test of time, evolving 2019’s circular shapes which were a key element of lighting design.
  4. Wireless technology – We’re continuing to crave lighting solutions without cables and the ability to interact with lighting to enhance colour , brightness and lighting direction via our phone.  Enhance your electrical plan with some of these great ideas.  Products available from Mi Store Xiaomi in NZ.
      1. Solar panel lanterns to light up the front path for visitors.
      2. Smart light bulbs for lamps and lights allowing you to switch on/off from an arm chair or whilst your away on holiday and the desired colour of light… for example whiter for day time and soothing yellow hues for night.
      3. Movement sensors WiFi linked to any smart bulbs for automatic lighting when you walk into dark spaces such as garage and loft.
      4. For kids rooms you can utilise a WiFi button near your child’s bed linked to smart bulbs in a night lamp so they can put their night light on by themselves.
      5. Smart power points allow you to control lamps , heaters, gadgets and other appliances remotely through your WiFi and your phone, iPad or desktop. With the latest technology home automation options become wide open to enthusiasts.
  5. Black lighting pieces –  We’ve seen plenty of gold and black finishes to lighting in 2019. Gold will start to fade a little over the next year but black lighting features will remain strong in lighting designs.
  6. Glass and coloured finishes – This was also a big trend in furniture for 2019 and still continues. Traditional cut crystal is being replced by the use of glass in suspended lamps, textured patterns and coloured finishes.
  7. Metallic –  silver twisted into free form shapes and interesting finishes such as silver leaf and antique silver.
  8. Stone and marble finishing is also emerging using ceramics and composites such as Travertine.

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