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The unspoken rules of hanging artwork

Hanging artwork can be nerve wracking for many, opting for more plainer walls because you just cant make the nagging decision on what works best where…sound familiar? Grow your confidence knowing just a few key rules on how to layout artwork in your home and when its o.k to break them! You’ll be personalising your home space in no time.

Some practical things …ensure you have the right strategy for each piece of artwork, is it a heavy piece, do I need to use a stud finder, what material is your wall made of, do I need extra weight bearing reinforcements or brick clamps? Think about all these things and gather your tools before you hang!

Don’t try to make all your frames match, you can still mix and match and achieve a coherent result.

Height and position of artwork. Don’t be too symmetrical. The main rule galleries use is hang the center of artwork at eye level (57 inches from ground level) but if something looks good by hanging it off center then do it. Everything doesn’t have to be lined up at the same heights all the way round so don’t link your artwork to heights of door frames and windows. Varied heights can in fact enhance a space.

Creating impact… A large piece of interesting art can create a focus for a room. Enough said!


Gallery style walls…ensure you have a good balance of one off artworks vs. gallery walls. Too many collections of smaller frames can make a space feel cluttered. Choose the right space for a gallery style to tell your personal or family story. To co-ordinate smaller collections or galleries consider a consistent frame material or colour to pull this together.

Where...Hang art in interesting places. It shows personality and the unexpected can be quite interesting and refreshing.

Tricks …revive artwork by renewing its framing. It’s amazing to see how an old piece of art can be transformed by finding the perfect frames and mats.

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