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Week 9 The Block NZ ‘Do over room reveal’

During the redo week each team gets a chance to makeover a room from the competition so far with a 10K budget. The only catch is they have to do the same or better than their previous score otherwise the money has to go back. This is a chance for some teams to repair mistakes made. Check out the before and after pictures.

Team Adam and Stacey This week the Wellington couple chose to redo their guest bedroom from week 1. The judges we’re pleased to see the terracotta painted bricks go and loved the improved look with stylish geometric wallpaper, pendant lights and bolder colours used.

Team Sophie and Makaere They chose to redo their living room and the judges we’re very happy with both the layout and finishing, it’s exactly what this room should be. Jason Bonham said “It’s cohesive, it’s luxurious, it’s beautiful,”

Team Lisa and Ribz They chose to redo last weeks Entrance, hallway and laundry. They replaced the gold wall with a dark blue wallpaper and added an antique mirror, this pleased the judges as they weren’t fans of the bling brushstroke.

Team Ethan and Sam It was no surprise the boys chose to redo their kids bedroom as the judges felt that it was a complete disaster back in week 2. The judges loved the new colour palate of deep blue, grey and firehouse red and loved the new layout offering much more space without the hazardous chunky bunk beds.

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