Home Renovation Week 8 – The Block NZ Entrance, hall & laundry space.

Week 8 – The Block NZ Entrance, hall & laundry space.

We’re nearing the final few weeks on The Block NZ Firehouse and Team Stacey and Adam are still on their renovation winners streak! This week the teams revealed their entrance, hallway and laundry spaces so they had plenty of work to do. This would complete their apartments interiors and become one step closer to getting them ready for auction.

Team Stacey and Adam – 20/20 points. Spend $36.5k

This is the fourth room win in a row and their co-ordinated design efforts get better and better. Again the judges liked the use of the Black and White stripe wallpaper and pops of colour in the entrance, along with the hallway panels, led lighting along the banister, glass balustrade and their clever choice of artwork and architectural lighting. The hero in the hallway was the full height floor to ceiling antique mirror panels in the double stairwell adding luxury, light and a feel of a much bigger space. Clever under stair storage shows this team are thinking of every detail and a practical modern laundry tucked away behind doors was well executed. They had the most work to d given the space by the judges felt the had nailed it earning them top marks. Shop the look here

Team Ethan and Sam – 12.5/20 points. Spend $20k

It was a game of two halves for this duo! The entrance way didn’t wow the judges with them disliking the handpainted moody retro feature wall and depressing bambi artwork, not to mention the placement of a linen basket in the entrance. The hallway was much better, they were pleased with the patterned wallpaper and paint colour reused from the lounge area and liked the wooden hall table feature and full height cabinetry. They would have extended the wall paper further and left the stick on mirror out. The judges we’re also impressed with the laundry space behind doors and felt it was a great use of space and loved the texture tile backsplash. So it was a strong finish on the end earning them 2nd place. Shop the look.

Team Lisa and Ribz – 12.5/20 points. Spend $18.2k

It was high drama for this duo all week as they fell out over Lisa’s idea of pink-gold for the entrance. The judges didn’t like their final choice of emerald green feeling it was too predictable given they had used it so much in the rest of the apartment. They dressed the space well with black hall tables and neon art. The laundry was well executed and quite large given its space behind doors. On a practical note the laundry sink could have been deeper for soaking items. Shop the look.

Team Sophie and Makaere – 7/20 points. Spend $20.5k

The judges loved the bold tile, feature wall and bench in the entrance area but felt the lighting was too bright. The hallway dado paneling was a nice tie-in from the rest of the apartment and they loved the choice of tile in the laundry and the dryer/washer combo given the tight space. Yet gain the rooms were unfinished and over-styled which the judges are tired of contributing to their low points. Shop the Look.

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