Home Living space Week 7 – The Block NZ Living room reveals.

Week 7 – The Block NZ Living room reveals.

Plenty of interesting living room reveals this week and an important one to ensure the open plan kitchen reveals last week flow on and show continuity in this space. The winners will be decided by the judges at the end of this week – watch this space!

Here’s what the Teams came up with…  living room spends ranging from 16-37K, especially Stacey and Adam as they had a living and media room surprise.

Team Stacey and Adam (TBC/20) 37K spend. They were bold and it paid off, continuing the vivid patterned wallpaper through to the living room space, gaining praise from the judges,. Personally I would be careful entending such a dominating pattern within such a small space! The judges also loved the luxurious fireplace as a centerpiece. Then it was straight into a cosy nook of a media room with quirky styling aspects and LED light panels within the walls. However the judges weren’t a fan of the concrete style wallpaper and the layout was a bit to cramped. Overall the judges felt their finishing “was absolutely excellent”. To shop the look click here.

Team Lisa and Ribz (TBC/20)  21k Spend.  This controversial design duo we’re slammed this week by the judges for their gold brushed wall with Jason saying “it’s really cheap,very tacky and actually just very bogan” and Lisa saying it was a lost opportunity and that she would tell “them to repaint it immediately”. They also didn’t like some of the angry-dark artwork for this space and the eclectic cowhide rug which was too much for the space.. There we’re a couple of things they did like … the inset chunky wooden shelf under the TV , the worn sage rug and the connectivity to the rest of the open plan space. Overall a good layout of furniture focusing away from just T.V. To shop the look click here.

Team Ethan and Sam (TBC/20) 21K spend.  It’s more praise again for the boys this week with the judges saying “they’ve come along way” using a great Resene patterned feature wallpaper and they’ve altered the awful brown wall connecting the dining and living space which the judges hated during kitchen reveals last week! Jason said “the lovely green adds a real sense of warmth and atmosphere which is great” and the real hero of the room is they’ve actually build this fireplace. Lizzi felt equally impressed but the room was screaming out for a sectional or bigger couch rather than two 2-seaters and they both felt a nice cosy big rug to add a luxury factor was missing. Good considerations we’re the darker shears so they didn’t stand out in the room and the lighting system was thought about, although perhaps too many lights for the room! To shop the look click here.

Team Sophia and Mikaere (TBC/20) 17K spend. No surprise to the judges their room was again unfinished with paint missing and mess everywhere Jason saying “its so disappointing as they could be so fantastic” . Overall they loved the direction and detail so far. They didn’t like the white imprinted wallpaper as it looked confused in its space or the layout of two separate seating areas, it could have been an amazing room. They loved the little bar space saying that was “genius” adding to this “glamorous art deco type feel” and Lizzi loved the texture and materials they used saying “they do it quite cohesively which is quite a successful part of this team”. To Shop the look click here.

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