Home Renovation Week 5 The Block NZ. Teamwork in apartment 5

Week 5 The Block NZ. Teamwork in apartment 5

Inside apartment 5…  All the teams came together to complete apartment 5 which Amy and Stu started when they won the bathroom challenge a few weeks back.  Sophie and Mikaere were on kitchen, living room Stacey and Adam, bedroom and hallway by Ethan and Sam and laundry and second bedroom by Lisa and Ribs.

Plus adding to the pressure all 3 teams which hadn’t completed the bathroom challenge back in week 3 all needed to finish those off to afford them the chance to stay on The Block NZ. Busy times!

It was a hard ask to get the teams to work together, put their differences aside and create a cohesive look within the same apartment but it somehow worked…just!

Here’s what the Teams came up with…

Team Stacey and Adam created and warm and laid-back living room space with feature avocado green tongue and groove feature wall, natural timber floors creating a sense of warmth and a chunky leather sofa with layers of cushions for style and comfort. The judges weren’t keen on the stick on mirrors or the pendent lights either side of the t.v but overall they felt the space was well co-ordinated and styled.

Team Sophie and Mikaere were given the kitchen and dining space, such an important project as a well designed and presented kitchen adds significant value to any home. To work with the small space they designed an L shape kitchen in light colours giving the illusion of a more airy and spacious room. They used glossy grey-white square tiles, white cabinetry and stone bench top matched with natural wood table, shelves and accents. The judges weren’t keen on the choice of tile, lack of storage, brass tile trim and chunky pendent light for this small space…all adding up to their view of an “average job” with the space.

Team Ethan and Sam we’re given the bedroom and hallway space and although some of their best work yet the judges still weren’t wowed.  They used an exposed brick wall making a more interesting space but they didn’t like the glass cover hiding it or the small pendent lights for the room. The overall style and colours they felt we’re too paired down using white and beige and no rich depth coming through. Chunky large storage next to the bed also made the space feel small.

Team Lisa and Ribs  we’re given the other spare bedroom and laundry space. Having won the master bedroom week this should have been an easy project for them but the judges felt the space was too white with just terracotta features. The makeup shelf was a great idea but could have included some more storage plus an important detail the judges noticed a cool white LED strip light by the curtains which should have been warm white for this bedroom space.  The laundry space wasn’t too bad with plenty of folding worktop area and a clever all in one washer-drier by Fisher and Paykel.

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